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Living life as a kid/teen these days can be tough. There are so many choices to make and learning to make the right ones can be quite difficult. That's why we've partnered with our county's juvenile court, youth services department, in order to provide what you might call a "saftey net" for kids that have made poor choices. We currently have a great working relationship with court services and are offering a class to many kids/teens that are in the system as first time offenders. We use a combination of our own life experienced community leaders and a curriculum that we've adopted called Journey to Hope. This curriculum was developed by an organization called Heart of the Cumberland and is being used in various settings such as public school systems, counselors, and more! 


 Our classes are in a casual "hangout & chat" type of environment. The group is sometimes referred to as a B.E.S.T group which is an acronym for- Be Each others Support Team. The students engage in conversations while  getting to know us and each other. There is a a series of thought provoking questions and stories throughout the 11 week course. Many of the kids come to our class reluctantly, but in our experience they are often asking to continue on with the classes even after the course has ended.  

Journey To Hope

Teenagers having fun
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