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The word hope is meaningless if we're not doing our part to provide it to the lives of children and families that we encounter. Our flagship facility, the "House of Hope," is a safe haven for children who are often victims of abuse, neglect, drug endangerment and various other life altering tragedies. We work in partnership with our local law enforcement and with the Department of Children's Services using the House of Hope is to facilitate and assist with custody removals.


These children are typically removed from very dangerous and heartbreaking situations, and we offer a safe haven for this to take place. When a child is removed from a home for whatever reason, the process for DCS to find and obtain emergency temporary placement can take hours or even days in some cases. Regardless of the situation, these children have been removed from the only home and family they know, and they need care, love, and reassurance. We provide the necessity of clothing, feeding, and bathing; all in a safe and positive atmosphere.

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